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White House Staff pranks U.S President Obama with creepy snowmen (photos)

Staff of the White House pranked Barack Obama last week with creepy snowmen after they found out that the U.S president is freaked out by snowmen.
A few weeks ago, Obama admitted to People magazine that he’s not a fan of the decorative snowmen set up in the White House during Christmas season.

“There’s a whole kind of Chucky element to them,” he said, referring to the popular horror character 'Chucky'. “They’re a little creepy.”

First lady Michelle Obama then joked about putting one of the snowmen in their bedroom, to which Obama replied, “I would move. If I see one of those snowmen in my bedroom, I’m moving.”

This comments motivated staff of the White House to set up snowmen at different windows facing the Oval Office, and White House Photographer Pete Souza took to his IG page to explain the prank, leading one Twitter user to make a joke out of the whole scenario as he super imposed Vladmir Putin's face into one of the snowmen.