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8 weird reasons Nigerian female celebrities are still single

As beautiful and ‘packaged’ our female celebrities are, most of them are yet to walk down the aisle with a man. To Africans and Nigerians to be specific, every woman must be under the shield of a man. An African mother becomes very worried when she sees her full formed daughter ageing gracefully without a man. She is always quick to remind her daughter to marry with statements like, “Our church is organizing a marriage counselling program for the singles. Hope you’ll attend”, “When are you bringing your boyfriend home to see us?”, “Mama Nkechi’s last daughter was just delivered of a bouncing baby boy, I wonder when I will carry my own grandchild”

This is the premium Nigerians place on marriage. It has become this serious that the Nigerian society perceives a lady who “has refused to marry” as wayward. Nigerians have turned advocates to celebrities on social media such that they will jump at any opportunity to remind them they are still single. But on a very serious note, the rate at which our beautiful, voluptuous female celebrities are turning out singles is quite alarming that one begins to wonder if being single has become a new trend for our celebrities. Our ladies have forgotten that even the coroner of Single Ladies– Beyoncé is happily married. 
More worrisome is the fact that the few ones who managed to head to the Alter have jumped out of their marriage. In as much as we should be more diplomatic in apportioning blames to our celebrities for remaining singles , we can’t overlook the fact that some of these ladies are the architects of their own ‘misfortune’ . Relax as I enlist the weird reasons behind our celebrities’ singleness below. 

1. I can’t marry a Nigerian man. When you make public speeches as this, reverting your decisions becomes an uphill task. Most ladies have entrapped themselves into singleness because at one point in their youthful bloom, they had boasted to their friends that Nigerian men suck and will have nothing to do with them. They are getting old but do not want to eat the humble pie and get married to our ever ready Nigerian men. Some eventually marry their dream oyinbo man only for the marriage to crash prematurely. 
2. I will lose my nice figure. Many female celebrities believe they will lose their fan base when they lose that trim, busty look. They believe their body is the only thing their fans care about. They want their breasts to maintain that firm look and would not want their abdomen to budge as a result of childbirth. To them, all the trappings that come with a marriage will make less attractive to their fans. Weird but true. 
3. I want to be free. “I don’t want to be tied to a man”, “No man should dictate to me how I run my life”. “I have my money, why do I need a man?” These are some of the flimsy excuses our ladies give to justify their singleness. Many of our celebrities choose to remain single as they want to preserve their names which they believe have become a brand and household name. They believe getting married may alter their names and they will lose their brand. As silly as it sounds, it is true. 
4. It is sweeter with fellow girls. It is no news that some of our celebrities are lesbians. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for these set of girls to get married. Wonder why most of our celebrities don’t care about their singleness? Of course, they won’t tell you they are lesbians and you may not find out they are either. Most of our female celebrities prefer the “company” of their female partners to any Mr. Right. I’d rather not say much about this. 
5. My career first. It’s either they are in Dubai shooting a music video or they are in Ghana memorising a movie Script. You will never catch them at home. You only get to meet them in clubs celebrating and partying with friends or in Red Carpet shows. Gosh! Don’t waste time preaching marriage to them because you will be interrupted halfway by a phone call reminding her of a movie rehearsal in a couple of hours. To these ladies, they are at the peak of their career and getting married will underscore their goals. 
6. All men are cheats. These ladies could have at one point in their life been jilted on a few occasions by their boyfriends. They resort to finding solace in their careers as a result of several heart breaks and would prefer they channel all their energies pursuing their careers just to get distracted from men. They term all men wicked and are programmed to see all men as wicked. You will have a hard task trying to change their mindset about men before preaching marriage to them. These ladies need miracles. 
7. I am still looking for Mr Right. “He has to be God fearing, he has to be good in bed, he has to be rich and successful , he shouldn’t interfere with my career, he should have six packs and should know how to cook , a man that respects me for who I am, a man that doesn’t cheat”… kuku create your own man. 
8. We are the single ladies. These ladies must have lost all the enthusiasm about marriage because marriage wasn’t forthcoming when they needed it. These ladies have formed a ring among themselves and pride themselves on being independent. They have different cars in their fleet with which they cruise in and ‘paint the town red’. You usually see them drive to clubs in escorts of one another. Most of them have chosen to remain chaste but few would rather date random men but will settle with none.