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Several firearms were discovered in the home of Benjamin Madu, a member of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), according to documents obtained by Sahara Reporters.

The documents also revealed the arrest and detention of Madu, who admitted to Department of State Services (DSS) agents that he was a member of IPOB.
Madu was arrested by agents of the DSS after a container was discovered in his home which contained a radio transmitter that was transmitting Radio Biafra programming.
Weapons found in his home include an Emerald Magnum pump-action shotgun, a Delia pump-action shotgun, a packet containing 17 12-calibre cartridges, and another packet containing 24 12-calibre cartridges.
The list also included a reference to a small satchel “containing substances suspected to be Indian Hemp”.
Sahara Reporters earlier this week obtained a statement used by the DSS as evidence that “Biafran soldiers” were linked to IPOB.
In the statement, references were made to armed individuals present at IPOB meetings and training exercises.  The statement was written by Tochukwu Meribe and described his experiences with IPOB as a member of the organization.