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For some obvious reasons, it wouldn’t be rare to find that some of you have listed getting rid of anger as one of your many resolutions for the new year. Knowing that uncontrolled anger can take a toll on both your health and your relationships and because we know that keeping your temper in check can be a challenging task, JADIJADI has put together five ways to deal with your anger problems…

Think before you speak: Because of anger, a lot of people say things they could never take back and that could ruin a lot of things. So you do not end up regreting this for the rest of your life, try your best to think before you speak no matter how hot the heat of the moment is.

Bring down stress level: One easy way to become angry is stress, when you are stressed, you tend to be irrational and to avoid this, as soon as you feel your anger is going up, take a break, you could take a quick walk or run, or spend some time doing other activities you enjoy.

Never hold a grudge: When you allow anger and other negative feelings fill your heart, the only person you hurt is yourself and no one else because you will just consume yourself in your own bitterness. Forgiveness is a very powerful tool to subdue anger.

Take a deep breathe: Before you fly into rage and say/do things you will end up regretting just take a deep breathe and remind yourself why you should let the situation slide or you could mentally recite the national anthem or count 1 to 10 and see if the urge to explode has  reduced.

Like someone said, an always angry person dies before a wicked person. Take note and follow these tips to live healthier and longer.