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The Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, in his New Year mes­sage to the people of the state, expressed optimism that the people’s resilience would transform the coun­try’s frailties and dire cir­cumstances into a pyramid of possibilities.

Ajimobi, who described the New Year as a year of greater possibilities, said it provides great opportunity for the citizens to collectively create and enjoy what can truly become a year of spec­tacular new beginnings.
The governor declared that the remedial measures under­taken by his administration in the last four years would bail the state out of the global and national economic realities occasioned by the dwindling oil prices.
He said, “We have pas­sionately spent the past four years preparing for the com­plete restoration of structures and values that will ensure the transformation and repo­sitioning of our people and resources for sustainable de­velopment.
“Notwithstanding the negative predictions of some apostles of doom, I am very optimistic about 2016, be­cause we in Oyo State are putting in the work.
“I am even more sure-footed about this year be­cause our people have shown the courage and commitment required for turning around our dire circumstances into a pyramid of possibilities.”
Ajimobi said he was en­couraged because young and old men, as well as women and children in the state had demonstrated the willingness to weather the storm despite the fog on the horizon.
Consequently, the gov­ernor said that the people should remain strong and resolute, with a view to ex­ploring the opportunities in the New Year and collec­tively turn the fortunes of the state around.