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When Igbo Girl Marries Yoruba Guy (PHOTOS)

 Nkiruka is an Igbo from Delta state, while Nelson is a Yoruba from Ekiti state.
The groom says their love story is one of patience. His bride was a not-so-easy catch.
When he was first attracted to her, he had to ask her out for a dinner date several times before she said yes – three years later.
Nelson says he knew what he wanted that was why he waited… and waited till he won the prize of her hand in marriage – well, after the long-awaited first date.
The bride, who is obviously worth it all, calls her husband sweet, loving, kind, generous and very playful.
Their wedding was a merging of two beautiful cultures made even more fun by the MC who teased the friends of the bride when it came time to catch the bouquet.
These two loving hearts are well on their way to a bright and perfect future.