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Ways To Make Sure Your Love Grows Everyday

Maintaining a long term relationship takes work. It takes two people who believe in the relationship and who is determined to make things work. So, just in case you have lost your way, or you are feeling a little disconnected from your partner, here are ways to strengthen your love every day.
Be polite: Just because he/she is your partner, or just because you assume that what you are asking for is your partner’s responsibility, does not mean you should ask impolitely. Saying things like “please, can I have my food?” or “please can you empty the bin?” will make your significant other feel less like a slave and more like a partner. Although, they might not attack when you ask rudely, but they will, very likely, hold a tiny little grudge, which increases day by day until it becomes full-blown resentment.
Be grateful: Saying “thank you” is such a simple thing to do, and it goes a very long way in warming your partner’s heart. So, it is important to do this. Always remind them that you appreciate what they do for you. Appreciate your woman for keeping the home and appreciate your man for his hard work. People feel more encouraged and inspired to do more when they know they will be appreciated.
Apologise: Never be too proud to say “sorry.” Remember, your relationship should be more important to you than having the last word or being “right.” Say sorry when you know you have wronged your partner and solve all issues you might have.
Talk about your relationship: When people have been together for a long time, it is so easy for those relationship talks you had in the beginning, to take the back burner. A relationship is like a seed, if you do not give it attention, it will not grow or yield fruit. So, do not forget to communicate and talk about ways to grow together.
Hang out with others: Experts advice couples to hang out with other couples when they can. This is because, when you are with other couples, you have discussion about issues you might not have discussed with your partner. This is a way for your partner to see another side of you and maybe catch a better glimpse into who you are.
Check in on each other: Is your partner feeling like he/she is achieving his/her potential? Are they happy with their career, their education, where they are in life? Check in on your partner’s dream and ambition, no matter how busy your life is. Let them know you still support them, regardless of whatever is going on in your lives.
Be transparent: Once a person feels like his/her partner is acting secretive or shady, this will be the beginning of insecurity in that relationship. Be open and honest about what you do or where you are. This is what a partnership means. If you choose someone to share your life with, then actually share your life with them.
Hash out issues: No matter how little, no matter how insignificant, make sure every issue is rectified. If something about your partner bothers you, or does not make you comfortable, speak up and reach a compromise. A lot of people wake up to see their relationship is dead simply because they ignored the little signs of discontent.
Have fun: No matter what is going on, you need to remember to laugh as a couple. This is why people keep saying it is great to be in a relationship with someone who makes you laugh. Laughing or having fun relieves stress. Relationships are tough and sometimes, you get buried working on so many things that you forget relationships should be fun too. So, go somewhere fun, or just stay in and have a good time with each other. You will feel closer and more in love with your partner.
Forgive: No matter what challenges you are facing as a couple, remember that nobody is perfect. If your partner asks for forgiveness, then forgive. And forgive wholeheartedly. Understand that the one you love will hurt you sometimes, but this does not mean they do not love you. It just means they are only human. So, forgive.