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Subsidy Removal Will Further Pauperize Nigerians- Gani Adams


The national leader of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) has responded to the call by the national leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Bola Tinubu for the total removal of petroleum subsidy by President Buhari.
According to Mr Adams, the call for the removal is coming at a time Nigerians are suffering untold hardship as a result of the downturn in global economy and describing it as shocking and disappointing.
“ It is particularly disturbing that such call was made by a leader of the APC, a party whose leaders were in the forefront of a protest that shook the nation when former President Goodluck Jonathan increased fuel price to N97 per liter a few years ago” he said.
Speaking further, Mr Adams said the nation cannot afford to unleash hardship on the people stating that more than 15 states are unable to pay their workers as a result of the shortfall in the nation’s earnings.
“Without doubt, the removal of the fuel subsidy, which in truth is about the only thing that Nigerians enjoy from the government, will inflict more hardship on hapless Nigerians.
“Therefore, any increase in the price of fuel via the removal of subsidy will definitely lead to increase in the prices of food stuff, while transport fares will shoot up, leaving civil servants who are already suffering from the shortfall in government’s allocations to suffer more.
He advised the government to fix refineries rather than attempt to remove subsidy.
“It is a shame that at this age of our national life, Nigeria takes her crude oil to smaller countries like Equatorial Guinea to refine and later bring back same into the country as imported fuel.
“Nigerians cannot continue to take the same old story by government that it cannot continue to subsidize the price of fuel, when we all know that that is only little benefit that Nigerians enjoy.”
The OPC leader said the kind of change Nigerians expect from the Buhari led administration is not one that will further push them into poverty.
“Let President Buhari and all organs of government responsible for production and distribution of oil in the country stop the blame game and go after the disease instead of continuing to treat the symptom, which at all times, have only given us temporary reprieve.
“More importantly, it is imperative that the government should know that any attempt to remove subsidy will only benefit the oil marketers, the cartel and all those who have combined to make living hell for Nigerians.
“If truth be told, it is Nigerians that subsidize the little the government is doing.Nigerians provide their own power, borehole, security, fill potholes and send their kids to private schools. 
“These are the problems President Buhari and the government should focus its attention on and not a planned subsidy removal as punishment for Nigerians for voting for him,” he said.