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Augustine Mendie, a prominent pastor in Eket local government area of Akwa Ibom state, has been allegedly made to marry the corpse of his church who he impregnated and tried to procure abortion for her.
Sources say that the man of God is a lecher who sleeps with many ladies in his church, both married and single.
According to locals, the unnamed secret lover of the pastor, was the praise and worship leader of the church.
The affair reportedly continued to bloom until the lady took in and informed Mendie.
Reports have it that the pastor did not want to take responsibility, hence, he decided to procure an abortion for her.
The deceased confided in a friend before going along with the abortion arrangements.
It was in the process of having the abortion that the lady died, and the said friend reportedly told the family of the deceased that the pastor was responsible.
Marriages of this nature are not rare especially within communities in the southeastern part of Nigeria.
Two months ago, a man named Stephen Mbam, was asked to marry a dead lover following accusations that the two were living together prior to the lady’s death.
The demand was made by the relatives of the deceased, Chinyere Mbam, who hails from Enyi Igwe village, Ezzainyimagu community, Izzi local government area of Ebonyi state.

The pastor initially tried to deny responsibility but after he was threatened with the community’s deity, he agreed that he owned up to his responsibility.
He allegedly had to marry the corpse of the woman as tradition demands, else the wrath of the gods would have come upon his family.