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2016 is just around the corner and one common thing people do is to make resolutions they intend to keep in the new year. At the end of the year, most Nigerians evaluate what they have done during the year and what they should change in the upcoming year. Giving that this is the last week of the year and people would be coming up with their different resolutions, JADIJADI has put together 10 of the most common new year resolution Nigerians make….

Quit smoking: Most smokers know that the habit is harmful to their health, even the commercials say so, therefore it is always a top new year resolution to quit smoking, but nfortunately, only a few of those who make the resolution to quit will keep it past a few months into the year before the jump back into, damning all consequences.

Lose weight: This is one of the most common resolutions people make but sadly one of the hardest to realize as most of them loose their determination usually a few weeks into the new year and go back to their old ways of eating whatever they want, whenever they want and how they want it.

Take a vacation:Nigerians work way too hard and witht he tight economic situation, who can blame them so making a resolution to take a vacation in the coming year isn’t rare. However, this resolution isn’t often realized because of tight family budgets and other bills that keep coming up.

Quit job for a new one or pursue passion: A lot of  Nigerians are unhappy about their jobs, most of them are just doing it to either get by or save some money to pursue their passion. So it is not unusual to hear people make it part of their resolution to quit their job but the fear of getting a new one makes it harder for this resolution to come true.

Save more spend less: People always want to spend less and save more in order to be able to achieve some of their dreams like buying a new car, overhauling their wardrobe and so on. |so this is a common resolution Nigerians make.

Quit drinking: Some people actually make this part of their resolution.You hear them say, they never ever want to drink again or cut down on the amount they usually drink but just like smoking, getting rid of the addiction is a serious matter.

Take the bull by the horn: A lot of people are very good at finding excuses to avoid doing important things. Procrastination has become some people’s middle name. Stopping this bad habit has become one of the most popular New Year resolutions people make .

Getting out of a relationship: Most people are unhappy in their relationship, therefore it isn’t uncommon to hear people say they want to move on from a toxic relationship and find love.
Spend less time on social media: Some people are social media addicts.They could spend their whole day jumping from Facebook to Twitter, from Instagram to Snap chat, then Whatsapp and neglect other important things billed for the day. For this reason, people make it a resolution in the new year to spend less time on social media.

Change your wardrobe: Most women in Nigeria love clothes and taking out the old clothes and getting new ones is one resolution most people make but the problem is, some people have emotion attachment to their old clothes and make it difficult to give them away.
What’s number one on your new year resolution list???