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#PMBMediaChat: Top Eight Questions For President Buhari

1. The Boko Haram deadline
As soon you were elected as Nigeria’s president, you ordered that the Military headquarters be relocated to Maiduguri and that they must remain there to defeat the insurgents.
Your excellency, Sir, you also assured Nigerians that the terrorists would be destroyed before the end of the year which coincidentally is in a few hours from now.
Your minister has also informed Nigerians that the Ismalist fighters have been ‘technically’ defeated even as there were renewed bombings by the terrorists recently. Can we succinctly say that Boko Haram has been defeated?
2. Shi’ites’ renewed agitations in the north
Until a few months ago, Nigerians never envisaged a resurgence of agitations by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria but in the last few weeks, northerners have had a fair share of attacks by the movement.
The military were also involved in the altercations which led to loss of lives in Zaria.
Sir, what do you think may be going wrong with this group to have warranted the renewed unrest in the north, which is worsening the crisis-ridden north?
What efforts are you making to ensure this crisis is nipped in the bud before it escalates and become uncontrollable?
3. Nnamdi Kanu’s trials and IPOB
Gradually, the agitation by the pro-Biafrans have gathered steam and the further detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has further heightened tension in the country.
With the current state, do you see a realisation of Biafra republic as it were, or are the threats by the agitators not to be taken seriously?
Will Kanu be allowed to continue with his Radio Biafra if he is eventually released?
4. Being a grandfather
On a lighter mood, how has being a grandfather changed you, Sir? How often do you get to see your grandchildren? Are there particular roles you play as a grandfather?
5. Nigeria’s chances at the Rio 2016 Olympics
Having disappointed in recent years, Nigeria will be sending another set of athletes to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Do you think we might do better than we did last time out?
Can we just pick a gold medal this time around? How many medals do you expect from the athletes in general?
6. N5,000 monthly pay for the unemployed
There have been many comments about the N5,000 promised the unemployed Nigerians during the pre-election campaign.
Since your administration took over, there have been series of arguments over whether the amount will be paid or not, will the unemployed Nigerians ever get this monthly pay? And when will the payment commence?
7. The Naira in 2016
The Nigerian currency has been fluctuating in the last few months since your administration came into power.
In fact, Nigerians have groaned a lot over the hardship which the high exchange rate of the dollar has brought their ways.
Only today, it was learnt that the naira eventually firmed up against the dollar, and while many Nigerians think it was not an improvement, several others believe it was fair enough.
What should Nigerians be expecting about the dollar in the coming year? Will we see the naira strengthen against the dollar as you promised in one of your campaigns?
8. Fuel Scarcity, power generation
The issue of fuel scarcity has bitten deeply into the annals of Nigerians in the past few months. Such is the fuel crisis that some people have bought fuel for as high as N300 per litre with assurances not given yet on when this would be stalled.
What should Nigerians be expecting in 2016? Are we guaranteed of the N86/litre assurance by the NNPC for the new year?
There was also the the issue of generator ban in the country? If the ban takes effect, are Nigerians assured of regular power supply?