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INTERPOL Vows To Neutralize Boko Haram Threats

The International Police (INTERPOL) has vowed to neutralize the threats posed on the world by Boko Haram, ISIS and other terrorist groups.
This decision was reached at a three event which had law enforcement and counter-terrorism officials from around the world in attendance, Leadership reports.
Four key topics were addressed at the meeting, co-hosted by the Spanish national police and the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Madrid.
The topics were; gathering intelligence on foreign terrorist fighters via social media; identifying and disrupting travel and travel facilitation networks; involvement of returnees in terrorist or other criminal activity; and terror attacks by radicalized individuals who have not travelled to conflict zones.
The meeting was an avenue to exchange information linked to Foreign Terrorist Fighters travelling to and from Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and the Syrian conflict zone.
The participants looked at best ways to address and neutralize threats posed by Boko Haram, ISIS and other terrorist groups.

he meeting will help specialists to develop a global overview of the current terror threat posed by both individuals and networks.
Jorge Fernández Díaz , Spain’s minister of the interior told the participants that international cooperation was essential in facing terrorism.
He stated that they would continue to support the INTERPOL and all those committed to combating threats by terrorists group.
This meeting comes few weeks after the Paris terror attack which left many dead and a string of incidents including in Turkey, Lebanon, Chad, Iraq and Nigeria.