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GEJ Is Being Probed Because He's From The Minority - Activist

Ms Annkio Briggs, a Niger-Delta activist, has said that the investigation into the financial management of the administration of the former president Goodluck Jonathan was done because he is from the south south.
In an interview with The Punch, the activist claimed that Jonathan was being probed and accused of corruption because he comes from a minority group and that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president, was being spared any corruption investigation.
In reaction to Jonathan’s name being mentioned in connection to the sale of an offshore oil block for $1.1bn in 2011 by a judge in the United Kingdom, Briggs said it was all speculation. She said when Obasanjo’s name was mentioned in connection to a crime in the United States, nothing came out of it.
“Was (former President Olusegun) Obasanjo’s name not mentioned in America? In America, someone is in jail right now over payments in the Halliburton (scandal). Was Obasanjo’s name not called? Was another party leader’s name not called? What has happened to them? We should now accept that, because his name was called, he is guilty? So if he is guilty, where is his punishment? If Obasanjo was guilty, where is his own punishment? Or is it because Jonathan is from the South-South, so we have to accept everything they say about him? I think that we should stop deceiving ourselves, in terms of how Nigeria is governed. We should stop deceiving ourselves that we are fighting corruption. We believe that we can live together; we should ask ourselves, ‘How can we live together?’ That is the question that we should ask ourselves.
“This country does not belong to only one people. I come from the Niger Delta and the Niger Delta belongs to me. The Niger Delta is in Nigeria, so I belong to Nigeria and Nigeria belongs to me. I don’t have to accept every injustice that is meted out just because I am in Nigeria or just because I am in the Niger Delta. I think people should be fair in everything that is being done in this country. The British Empire amalgamated this country without the permission of the people that they put together and gave a name that they called Nigeria. Nigeria is a name that somebody woke up and gave to a group of people. Nigeria was not created by God, nor was it created by Nigerians. The Ijaw, Yoruba, Hausa and Fulani people all existed before Nigeria existed. If they didn’t exist, nobody would have brought them together. I think that if truly we want to be fair to this country that is called Nigeria, we should ask ourselves, ‘How do we live together?’ But the way things are being done right now is not going to keep Nigeria intact at all because the stress and the pressure that is being put on a particular section of Nigeria right now and that has been put on this section for a very long time has been going on for too long.”
She said that corruption had started before the government of Jonathan and still continued and gave the example of opposition figures who were against the removal of oil subsidy. She said the new government that insulted Jonathan then was now ready to remove fuel subsidy.
“Now that Jonathan is no longer there, fuel subsidy can therefore go. Whoever thought that the price of oil would go down to where it is today? Yet, today, we have a government that told us that Boko Haram will be dealt with; now Boko Haram is stronger today than when Jonathan was there.

“We have a government that told us that the Chibok girls would be found when they came in. Now, the Chibok girls are not found. We have a government that told us that the dollar would become N1. Now, it is N250 to the dollar. We have a government that said it would feed primary schoolchildren free of charge, once a day. Even at the time it was making those promises, I didn’t see how they could achieve it while the price of oil was going down. We have a government that says it is going to pay unemployed graduates N5,000; how are they going to identify these undergraduates? I think that any government, not just Buhari’s government, should tell Nigerians the truth. Nigerians deserve to be told the truth and not deceived, lied to and conned. I feel for Buhari because four years after, Nigerians will find fault with him. He has a mandate of four years and between now and 2019, more things will emerge and Nigerians will have the opportunity to know whether the decision Nigerians made was the right decision or not.”