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The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reports that Nigeria has earned N412.983 billion from the export of natural and petroleum gas and other gaseous materials in three months, between July and September 2015.
According to data obtained from the NBS, the number of money from the third quarter of 2015 has increased to 9.5 per cent or N35.813 billion when compared to N377.17 billion earned by the country from the export of those commodities in the second quarter of 2015.
The country’s export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) stood at N262.202 billion; liquefied propane export was valued at N106.803 billion, while the export of other petroleum gases, among others, in gaseous state was valued at N22.762 billion.
India became Nigeria’s highest export destination in the third quarter with an export value of N408.24 billion, comprising N382.884 billion and N25.356 billion crude oil and non-crude oil export respectively.
While Netherlands became the second highest export destination with total export value of N245.066 billion comprising crude oil and non-crude oil export of N228.2 billion and 16.86 billion respectively. Spain became the third with total export value of  N211.357 billion, with N159.5 billion been value for crude oil and N51.853 billion from non-crude oil items.

Other export destinations in the quarter under review are: United Kingdom — N192.231 billion total exports; Brazil — N169.44 billion; France — N106.billion; South Africa — N105.05 billion; United States — N85.51 billion; Japan — N80.44 billion and Indonesia — N71.37 billion among others.