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Doctors On Strike On Osun State Ignore Sacking Threat

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has said it will mobilise every doctor in Osun state to strike should the state’s governor, Rauf Aregbesola, carry out his threat to sack striking doctors.
The striking doctors were given until December 25 to return to work in an ultimatum by Aregbesola yesterday.
Dr. Suraj Ogunyemi, the NMA chairman in Osun state, berated the state government for threatening to sack doctors who, he said, were on strike because they had not been paid since June.
Ogunyemi said the doctors on Osun state were not covered by the agreements reached by labour unions with the state government on workers receiving half salaries.
He also noted that the doctors are unperturbed by the governor’s threat, adding that they would not return to work until the government reached an agreement on when and how wages would be paid.
Ogunyemi said the NMA had put every doctor inside Osun state on the alert and they would not hesitate to shut down the health sector if the governor carried out his threat.
“The NMA has put all doctors in the state both in private public sectors on the red alert and the state government should not take our tolerance and endurance for weakness,”he said.
Reacting to claims that the doctors were on an illegal strike, Ogunyemi said the state government was served several notices and they had to resort to industrial action because of the refusal of the government to listen to their demands.

Doctors working in state hospitals in Osun state have been on strike since September 28 in protest against delayed wage payments and the government’s refusal to remit deductions made from their salaries, including contributory pension deductions.