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Christiano Ronaldo To Play For Barcelona?

Christiano Ronaldo has disclosed that it is possible for him to play for Barcelona someday.
The Real Madrid forward has been linked with a move to return to Manchester United or possibly play for Paris Saint-Germain.
The Portuguese international explained to The Associated Press that although he is not sure, but anything can happen.
“It’s a little more difficult, but…,” he said, with a long pause.
“There are things that you kind of already have an idea, that to play one day for Barcelona would be almost impossible, or to play for another English club other than Manchester, it’s very complicated.
“But that’s not 100 percent guaranteed. As I said before, there are no certainties in football.”
Ronaldo however gave an assurance that he is on top of the situation and will decide on it at the right time.
“Everything is open, all leagues,” he said.
“I may end my career here with Real Madrid. I’m just being honest. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. If I was 75 percent certain, I would say so, it wouldn’t be a problem. But I have no idea.”  
On Tuesday Ronaldo scored four goals for his team in their 8-0 Champions League win over Malmo. He was asked in the mixed zone afterwards about the infamous nickname.
He said: “You have to look at the statistics. How many goals have I scored for Real Madrid? And they are not all penalties. I will score as many as I can. 600, 700 – as many as I can. They will all be there for people to see. And anyone who wants to can go to YouTube to see all the goals I have scored…”