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Cameroonian Soldiers Invade Nigerian Village, Kill 70

More than 70 Nigerians were allegedly killed on Sunday, December 20, when Cameroonian troops reportedly invaded Kirawa-Jimni village in Gwoza local government area of Borno state.
According to residents, over 70 people have been buried after soldiers of the Cameroonian army allegedly chased Boko Haram insurgents into their community.
Many of the villagers have reportedly fled the community, following the incident which took place on Sunday, December 20.
Leadership reports that the soldiers invaded their community, demanding for the whereabouts of some Boko Haram fighters whom they had been chasing.
Muhammed Abba, a resident of Jimnana and deputy commander of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria in Gwoza, said: “We didn’t know what was going on but the Cameroonian troops suddenly appeared and began to ask us for Boko Haram terrorists”, he said.
“Before we could say a word, they started firing: that scared most of us, and we began to run; but the soldiers opened fire and many people died. Those that went back on Monday found over 70 corpses littering the ground,” Abba added.
Abbas Gava, spokesman for the vigilante group in Borno state, also confirmed the incident. He said: “From the reports we have received from fleeing residents of the villager who called from Ashigashiya, near Cameroon, they said the soldiers were in hot pursuit of the Boko Haram terrorists who ran into Kirawa-Jimni. The soldiers did not waste time upon arrival as they immediately opened fire on the villagers”.
The irate troops even went on to burn the homes of the villagers, causing them to flee.
Kirawa-Jimni is a community in Borno state on the border with Cameroon.
The village is located close to areas in Gwoza that were once the stronghold of the dreaded Boko Haram sect.