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Biafra Will Be Achieved In 2015- Enugu Prophet

Prophet Anthony Nwoko, a renown clergyman based in Enugu, has declared 2015 as the year for the realization of the Biafra Republic.
In a dialogue with journalists, Nwoko said he was revealing a prophetic message.
He said that the present protests and agitations for an Independent state of Biafra was an act of God, a way of salvaging the Igbo race.
The Prophet described the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, as a man of vision.
He said the presently detained director of Radio Biafra, is the actual Igbo/Biafra leader that would emancipate the Igbos in the Biafra struggle.
Nwoko said the revelation was given to him by God and that no man can stop it. The prophet who advised President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to let the Biafra nation be, said: “The Arrest of Kanu is an act of God; it is God that made it that way so that truth will prevail in this nation; he has opened the eyes of the IPOB to fight and stand by the truth; IPOB has been mandated in the spirit to hold on to the truth and lead the Igbos to the promised land.”
“This 2015, there is no two ways about it; they have held the Igbos for decades of years, but this is the time for their liberation; this time around, God is using the IPOB, through Nnamdi Kanu to expose the wickedness in this nation; his arrest has proved that Biafra is real; nobody will stop Biafra from manifesting; it is the second Exodus.
“The Holy Spirit has used Kanu to expose evil people, evil leaders, evil religious leaders, who saw the truth but refused to proclaim it; through Nnamdi, the light has come; Biafra is not dead but alive; Biafra has come to shine before the whole world; no Gowon or Obasanjo can stop Biafra this time around.

“I have been pursuing this spiritually and the angels gave me 45 years and now is the 45 years; so, it will come this year, nobody is going to stop it; I have the mandate and confidence of heaven to bring Biafra,” the prophet opined.
Nwoko went on to condemn former MASSOB leader, Chief Ralph Uwazurike.
He lambasted Uwazurike for failing to do the right things for Biafra, stressing that God had now put Kanu in place to achieve divine purpose.
“Uwazurike refused to do what he was supposed to do in 2009 when I met him at Okwe, after he came out of prison. So, God raised up Nnamdi Kanu,” the cleric stressed.