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Alao-Akala Explains Why He Joined APC

Adebayo Alao-Akala, a former governor of Oyo state, has explained why he joined the All Progressives Congress (APC) and did not return to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

It would be recalled that Alao-Akala left the PDP after he had failed to secure the ticket of the party for the 2015 election.  The ticket was given to Teslim Folarin, a former senator, while he eventually contested on the platform of the Labour Party.
In a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune, Alao-Akala explained that he and his supporters decided to join the ruling APC because a natural death awaits the PDP.
“I already said goodbye to the PDP; I would not have gone back to the PDP. What would I have gone back to do in PDP? Those people that had dissenting voices were not the people who followed me to Labour Party, so they must be the ones expecting that maybe I would come back to PDP.
“But the decision to leave PDP back then was unanimously taken by my followers, so if some people are expecting me to return to PDP, they are not many; they are very small in percentage and I will say they are insignificant. Nobody would have expected me to come back to PDP; the party will soon die a natural death, so there is no way I can go back to a party that is in comatose.

“At present, PDP is in comatose, why do I have to go and join issues or be part of the people that will bury PDP? I can’t go back to PDP. I have said goodbye to them and I wish them good luck. I hope they can get a good doctor to revive the party,” he said.
When asked if he returns to the PDP after the party’s restructuring and rebuilding, a former governor stated categorically:
“I cannot and I won’t return to PDP. The only way I can go back to PDP is if the thing that made me to be going to the APC, if that thing is no more there, maybe I can go back. But to be truthful with you, I am done with PDP and that’s just the truth of the matter.”
Speaking about his decision to join the APC, Alao-Akala noted that he is moving in the direction where the interest of his people will be protected.
“It is my new interest now that brought me to APC. A lot of people that we have the same mindset as to how governance should be done are now in APC. If you look at my political career very well, my pattern of politics is to move in the direction where the interest of my people will be protected. It is not just about moving sheepishly. A lot of my friends have left the PDP for APC. A lot of my political associates have left the PDP for APC, so what am I still doing in PDP? In fact, 85 per cent of my political associates are now in APC,” he said.