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7 Types Of Men Women Avoid Dating

There are indeed some men women should avoid in relationships. Not every guy is worth dating. Some men could pose serious threat to one’s well-being and peace of mind.
For a start, it would be important to define the purpose of venturing into a relationship. What do you hope to achieve to achieve at the long run? How intense do you want the relationship to be? These and many more questions should be asked and carefully reviewed before hitting off. That being established, the type of men women wouldn’t want to date comes to play.
1. The Broke Guy
Yes, some women are independent. They love to take their stand most times and are capable of seeing to their own needs. No matter how hard they prove to be unmaterialistic, it is expected that men who want to date them or men already dating them should know their duties as their boyfriends and play their roles responsibly. While the men may not foot major bills, they expect them to be able to make contributions towards their upkeep. This would give the men a sense of dignity. A man who is always broke poses a risk of being a potential liability. Men in this category can’t take care of women. Women avoid them because they are incapable of looking after their needs.  Instead, they end up milking the women of their virtues and rob them of their honor.
2. Mama’s Boy
Some men have been caged. They are connected to their mothers in every way. They find it hard to make decisions without their mothers’ input and consent. Their moves are always approved by their mothers and they run back to them whenever they encounter problems. Dating a mama’s boy has many challenges; the girlfriend would constantly be at war with his mother over trying to stress her position in his life. His mother sees her as competition and treats her as such.  Women avoid men like this as the mother in-law fight is always fierce. Moreover, men in this category don’t exude the confidence and independence women look p0ut for in men.
3. The Lazy Man
Men in this category are always dependent on other people. They find it hard to work. Even when they have jobs, they don’t stay long on them. Men like these are difficult to make future plans with. Women avoid this type of men like a plague as they rely on luck to make them successful. The women in their lives fend for them at the long run.
4. Men Who Can’t Let Go Of Their Exes
Some men are so attached to the women who have been in their lives before. They create a standard for other women using those women as guides. Men like these stress how better their exes are compared to the present women in their lives. They find ways to reconnect with those women and who knows what could happen in their moment of weakness when they are alone with their exes? Women therefore avoid them because they would always be in competition with the memories of the past girlfriends.
5. Control Freaks
Control freaks not only like being in charge, they love things being done their way. They are selfish; they can’t stand being challenged. They most times end up being men who are abusive, men who subject women to domestic violence. Men who are temperamental in addition to being control freaks are avoided by women.
6. Misogynists
They are men who have strong dislike for women. They find ways to belittle women in their conversations. They might have been compelled by societal pressure to date so as not to be labeled wrongly. Men in this category do not accept gender equality and may stand in the way of the women’s successes. Women avoid this type of men as they never can ascertain how deep their hatred is. Men like this could also hinder them from making progress in life.
7. The Time Wasters
Men in this category find it hard to be committed. They drain women emotionally. Although they are nice and charming, they give people the impression things are serious. They could date for as long as possible and never make plans to tie the nuptial knots. Marriage is a topic that is sweetly avoided. They are most times contented with keeping things the way they are, they could date for as long as 5 years without proposing marriage or making future plans. Women avoid men like this because they live in the moment and are time wasters who could make them miss out on life opportunities.