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Will you exchange N80,000 for this new beastly 200GB SD card?

 I was shocked when I first heard of this new external micro SD card.
It comes with 200GB worth of storage capacity.
Yes its true.. I know some people will doubt this news since most phone storage can only be expanded to 32-128GB.. Well, you'll believe the news when you start seeing your neighbour rocking the small but mighty memory card.
Full Specs.

- Can hold up to 20 hours of Full HD Video
- Transfers up to 12,000 photos in 60 seconds at a top speed of 90MB/s
- Comes with SD card adapter for MIL cameras
- Water-proof, Temperature-proof, X-ray proof & Magnet-proof.

N80,000 can get me a confirm laptop... Why should I use it to buy some small black object?
Can one save his life and property in if?
That's the question my friend asked me the moment he read this news.. Lols.

source:  http://www.bona9ja.com/2015/03/okokobioko-will-you-exchange-n80000-for.html