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Unilag Student Electrocuted To Death Yesterday Night

Just yesterday evening at 6pm, a Unilag student came out of the new hall hostel to see her boyfriend. an heavy breeze made the high tension pole fall, and it fell on this lady named OLUCHI ANEKWE. she was electrocuted to death while her boyfriend watched speechlessly.Her parents have not been informed yet, the school authority have not been able to reach her parents since yesterday night! may her gentle soul rest in peace.

She was Just Walking with Her friend...There was a Spark(High Tension Wire) from one of the Poles infront of the Entrance of where she was Headed ..... It Fell on Her.....She got Electrocuted ..... We Rushed her to the Medical Centre.... Minutes Later she was Pronounced Dead....

A Lot of things have been going thru my Mind....
1.U don't know ur Dying Day
2.Live Every Moment Like its ur Last...Buh don't Live Fast.....Live Right
I've never been dis Touched in my whole Life....It could have been anybody....Even my Sister or Something......
I got into d Emergency Room..... Lo n Behold She was Lying Cold n Dead..... I almost Fell down .....What a Life.....Just Like Dat....The Agony n Pain emanating from her Younger Sister Killed me Slowly
My Brothers and Sisters abeg Death is REAL..... if i neva believed .....Today is a Wake up Call for ME/YOU....
My Name is ..... abeg if i have Wronged u in anyway Please n Please Forgive Me...... LIFE is TOO SHORT.....
Rip Oluchi Acct 300l....Heaven Couldn't wait for U...#BrokenInside#WhataLife#Numb..


The University of Lagos Students' Union regrets to announce the passing away of one of us, our very own OLUCHI ANEKWE, a 300 level student of the department of Accounting.

Oluchi, till her death, was a first class student, and a very active student in class.

Our condolence goes to her families, relatives and friends. We pray that God will grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.

The event that led to her death is in its entirety avoidable. We hereby call on all concerned authorities to swing into action so as to prevent future occurrence.

In this regard, we hereby declare that all academic and social activities of the school and of the students' are hereby suspended for today and no unnecessary sound around the campus in honour of the lost soul.

The entire University of Lagos Students loved her, but God in His wisdom saw fit to embrace her.

We shall surely miss her. Oluchi, GOODNIGHT.
Comrade Abiodun Martins
ULSU President (2014/2015)
Rt. Jawosimi Olusegun
Speaker ULSU Parliament