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Fancy Switcher: The best Android Recent apps switching software (Minimize apps with style)

Are you tired of the old and boring look of your current apps switcher interface (The interface you see when you press/hold your android minimizing button)

This fancy switcher app is cool and rugged.. I will recommend it for even my enemy.

"This switcher isn't like other run-of-the-mill, pedestrian switchers. Launch your recent apps with one or two swipes, and enjoy swanky animations and various customisation options" -

Looking for a Switcher to fulfill your needs ? Unlimited customization ?
Welcome to your new Switcher
Fancy Switcher rethinks your task manager experience.

Thanks to Fancy Switcher, mix business with pleasure. Explore every single feature and create YOUR Switcher.
Style, customization and pleasure
Design your switcher as you wish.

Normal version:
• 4 styles: classic, grid, coverflow or Android L
• Smart-Slider : switch to last app or directly to Fancy Switcher, with a simple swipe
• Sidebar for fast app switching
• Background customization
• Beta functionality: start automatically Fancy Switcher instead of the native one
• Hide closed apps
• 3D Icon effect
° Transform your Jellybean or KitKat Android to Lollipop