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Shocking video of Nigerian Police officers collecting bribe from motorists

                                      Video was shot on 15th August 6:20 PM

I personally took this video of a police officer harassing civilians and motorists to part with some money before they are free to continue their journey. I was shooting the video from our own bus whose driver was commanded to park because he was arguing with a military officer that he had "settled" their oga earlier in the day
This incident happened around Edo-oballa community in Nsukka Local Government area of Enugu state.
You'll see two women who were forcefully stopped from continuing their journey simply because they left the bus which they (Police officers) commanded to park because he refused to "settle".

Nigerian army too has been accused of human right violations. On friday, 14th August, I witnessed a soldier who commanded about 5 men including an old man to climb inside a gutter filled with dirty water. This took place close to Agbor where construction men are rehabilitating a bad road in Benin city.