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An old widow donates her car for charity

An old widow who hails from Nsukka urban in Enugu state has broken the camel's back by donating her cars to the charity. The woman simply identified as Augustina was sourrounded by her grandchildren and neighbours as shes spoke to us.
"What prompted you to donate your car for kids?" I asked her. With smiles on her ageing face, she responded, " I don't need it anymore. I hardly go out these days as I am no longer active as I used to  be when I was younger. I feel happy when I see children around me. It brings out the youth in me and makes me remember when I was like them. I will be happy to see children of the orphanage driven in it.
"There are things you don't need when you are old and my car is one of them", she continued. " My car was bought two years ago by my children and I never drove it for once. My driver got tired of hanging around with nowhere to go and decided to leave. I also got tired of seeing it in my compound and decided that it will be more useful if I donate it for charity", she said in between laughter which exposed her ageing teeth.