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Baby dies after family forgot it in hot jeep for an hour(Photo)

n a very tragic incident, a baby of just 11-months died after being left in a hot car for at least an hour.
The grieving family left the tot in their Explorer jeep for at least 60 minutes after they had finished unloading their grocery shopping.The tragedy took place in Lauderdale, Florida..
Lt. Gregory Solowsky, from the Lauderhill Police Deptartment, told CBS Local :

“A family consisting of two adult and five children ranging from the ages of 11 months old all the way to 14 years of age, were in the process of returning home from the local grocery store and were unloading groceries into the house.When we arrived here the family members, the mother and the father were still in the act of administering CPR themselves.The family is very, very upset.The entire family. The children, the parents.
"But they are cooperating with us and at this point it looks like it’s going to be a very, very tragic accident."
Police say after the family finished unloading their shopping, at least an hour passed before they realised the 11-month-old was inside there Blue Explorer.