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Video of my newly invented electronic mousetrap

Rats are really worrisome. Apart from the embarrassment it might cause you, especially when you have an important guest around , mice are carriers of deadly diseases and they spread it easily through their urine or faeces ." There are many ways of killing rat". Most popular and dangerous way of killing a rat is through poisoning.Rat poisons can also kill humans and thus, poses a threat to humans.
Well, I got bored and decided to experiment on something new and invented a unique way of catching rats alive! The trap is a simple box with a door that is controlled electronically. A rat which enters the box in search of food is detected by a sensor which triggers the door to shut behind the rat, The rat tries to push the door open but the door is hooked behind.

The video below shows how the trap works. Don't mind the roughness of the body of the trap as it was made out of a thick paper. I hope to use a polished plywood to refine the body which I will show in my next video.

Infrared technology was used to fashion thhe rat detector. Once the rat is detected by the electronic circuit, It activates an electric motor which pulls the door shut with a lightening speed.

If you would like to take this further as a personal or school project, mail me at Mekomgbo@gmail.com

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