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Beards grooming- tips for beginners

There is an excitement one experiences when new strands of hair start sprouting out from one’s face. While some experience this hair growth in the later part of their adulthood, some have their facial hair shooting out very early. Genetics has a role to play in determining how fast and how much hair grows on one’s body. Beards grooming could be fun for some people. Though some people are of the controversial opinion that growing beards makes them more handsome, boosts their confidence, increases their masculinity or gives them a different personality, others see beards grooming as stressful, rough, time consuming and buggy and prefer to wear them low.
Hair is a natural gift from God and everyone should try grooming beards at least once in his lifetime. It is one thing to grow hair; it is another thing to keep them looking fresh. As a beginner, it is natural you might face some difficulties in keeping your hair tidy, but don’t lose your patience yet as you will get some tips on how to keep them attractive .
While some people prefer having their hair cut by professionals, others will not even have them touched by another person and would prefer to have them cut by themselves. If you are going to do all the stuffs yourself, you need to brace up and see hair grooming as an art which needs to be mastered otherwise, you are just going to stop half-way before you get “there”.
To start with, you will need to get yourself a good mirror (magnifying one preferably); a scissors or a beard trimmer (clipper); some hair conditioners and a comb. A magnifying mirror will give you a better view of your jaw lines and will make cutting easier and precise. If you are going to use a scissors, it is recommended you get a good one specifically meant for cutting hairs which is quite different from the regular ones used for cutting papers or fabrics. Beard trimmers come in different forms. The most commonly used and most handy are the “manual” beard trimmers where a blade serves as the shaving element. If you are going to shave with this method, make sure you have enough razor blades so you can easily have replacements in case one goes blunt. Get the disposable ones as they are cheaper and come in larger quantity. Electric razor, as is commonly called, is another form of beards trimmer. You can get a pocket-sized electric razor from any of their retail outlet. Most people who use the electric razor for shaving consider the use of the manual beard trimmers as old school. They say they are allergic to razor blades and complain of bumps developing on their skins each time they finish shaving. The choice is yours to determine which of the methods you find most convenient. If you are going to make use of the beard trimmers, you should also get a brush handy which will be used in removing hairs hanging on the trimmer guides. It is not a good habit blowing hair off from the paws of the trimmer with your mouth as you could end up causing more harm than good. Blowing with your mouth can cause moistures to accumulate on the paws of the trimmers, making their edges rust and blunt over time.
If your hair is coarse, it’s time you softened it with a hair conditioner or a shampoo. Hair conditioners soften the hair and make them more spiky or wiry. Coarse hair becomes offensive after shave as their edges become sharp. It is better imagined as tiny pins with edges projecting inside your body. This could be very irritating and a major cause of bumps. Hair shampoos or conditioners will soften your hair and make you more comfortable; reducing the chances of itch considerably. The uses of hair shampoos are post shave practices. In other words, they should be applied after having your shaved. Different hair shampoo products are in the market. Personally, I use Main & Tail because my hair is silky. You can also use a mixture of oils (olive oil mixed with lavender oil) to keep them soft and at the same time strong.
Combs are very vital tool in hair grooming. In fact, its role is highly indispensable as they are greatly employed during the trimming exercise. It is recommended you buy one with short bristles as it can reach a greater portion of your hair especially when your beards are short. Long-bristled combs are better if you decide to keep long beards.
Enough said on the needed tools- now let’s head to the bathroom (or anywhere suitable for the purpose). Your shaving room should be well illuminated. At least, it will be such that enough light falls on your face. You can use a reading lamp to project the light directly on your face if you are shaving in a dimly-lit room at night or in the morning. Tilt it in a position such that the light doesn’t hurt your eyes but have the beams concentrated on your jaw lines. Get your scissors or beards trimmer ready to do some work. Gently run the comb through your hair to straighten your hair and remove any possible kinks. A better practice is to run it from the top, downwards. With either the beards trimmer or the scissors, trim the hair towards one side of the mouth and then towards the other side. Be careful to get a uniform trim level. The beards trimmer guide could be adjusted to choose how close your hair will be packed. You might consider shaving your moustache but it is a common practice to leave them grows higher, towards your nose. It is note-worthy that beards should not be shaved when wet. Hairs are longer when wet and cutting them might leave them shorter than you expected when they become dry.
After having a satisfactory shave, the next thing is keeping them clean. This is where the shampoo comes handy. Work them properly inside your hair with your fingers. Different methods of application might differ for different shampoo products. Make sure you read the labels. Next rinse your hair with either cold or warm water. Proper rinsing is important to wash off the shampoo reagents as they may come back hunting your hair, especially if you have a naturally soft hair. Leaving the shampoo longer on your hair before rinsing might be required if you have a tough, stubborn coarse hair. Once the rinsing is done, use a good water-absorbing hand towel to dry off the water. If you are in a hurry, you can use an electric hair blower to blow the moisture off your hair. You might consider brushing your hair with a good fine-edged brush. This is to give your hair a better styling and remove any possible traces of the towel morsels stuck on your hair.
Don’t be discouraged when you get your hair a bit messy; a constant practice will get you right on tracks just like a person who learned how to ride a bicycle and never forgets even in old age.
Good luck!